The Black Country The Way We Were

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Unique newsreel footage recalls the events that shaped the 20th century, and archive film and photographs paint a fascinating picture of life in the Black Country from the 1920s to the 1960s.

From Wombourne in the west to West Bromwich in the east, Halesowen in the south to Pelsall in the north and everywhere in between, we look back at Black Country folk at work, at home, at play and at war.

We recall the massive contribution of the region’s workers in producing all manner of goods that helped to win the Second World War and the sacrifice they made as bombs rained down. We also see the Black Country having fun with street parties aplenty, from the Silver Jubilee of George V to the coronation of Elizabeth II, The old Pat Collins funfairs that started in the Black Country are brought to life too, with 50’s film footage of new-fangled mechanical rides that thrilled kids and adults alike. The 60s brought us the Beatles, a World Cup and a man on the moon and also major changes to the Black Country. Solutions to traffic jams changed the face of many of our towns, new shops sprang up and slum clearance saw old terraced streets swept way in favour of new estates. While the new homes had mod-cons,many people missed the strong community spirit of the old neighbourhoods. We take a look back at life in the old terraced streets that are remembered so fondly; the tin bath in front of the fire, outside toilets; the corner shop; the mangle in the outhouse and marbles in the street.

Set to favourite songs from the various decades and an informative commentary, this unique DVD will bring memories flooding back and provide the opportunity to give children and grandchildren a glimpse of the ‘good old days’.

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The Black Country The Way We Were


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