Intrepidly Time-Travelling Great British History Map – Folded Map

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Multi-storied Britain is a historical hotbed, heaving with clues from the past to inspire your future adventures. From the Jurassic south coast to the Viking-plundered north, Britain’s history of invasions, battles, weddings, beheadings, thuggery, skullduggery (and not a little peacockery) make for a colourful tapestry, stitched together from many a well-spun yarn. The same could be said for this map.

Featuring over 1,500 royally visitable historical locations, journeys and stories, this cartographical blast from the past will inspire some intrepid time travel through bygone Britain, a seemingly foreign country where they did things very differently!

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The Intrepidly Time-Travelling Great British History Map is a full-colour, two-sided map folding out to 100 cm x 89 cm, featuring:

  • BRITAIN’S TOP 50 Take an epically epoch-spanning journey to Britain’s top history locations

  • PLACES WITH A PAST Over 600 forts, castles, sacred spots, monuments and hives of industry

  • TROUBLE & TRAGEDY Battlegrounds, plots, riots, rebellions and scenes of death, disaster, crime and punishment

  • MOVERS & SHAKERS Over 250 leaders, knaves, trailblazers and cultural icons

  • INNOVATION & PROGRESS 150 genius ideas, sporting highlights and social movements

  • HISTORY BROUGHT TO LIFE Get up close and historical with 250 of Britain’s most mesmerising museums, events, and festivals

  • TIMELESS TRIVIA A smattering of enjoyably random historical facts and delightful old nicknames for Britain’s cities

  • TRAILS THROUGH TIME Get some adventure inspiration with a broch-load of historical and history-inspired route

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Intrepidly Time-Travelling Great British History Map - Folded Map


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